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Induct, sign-in, do.

Workers navigate through your induction process with a few finger taps. Only risks they're not aware of will be displayed to maximise productivity. Add your health & safety policies to the workflow to ensure all employees, contractors & visitors are up to date with all required safety procedures in your business.

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Smart hazard register

Let our intuitive health and safety hazard register wizard pinpoint hazards or risks on your work site and suggest prevention controls for you. Or add customized hazards and risks yourself.

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Interactive hazard maps

Create your own interactive hazard maps with just a few clicks. They're easy to design and will always be available for your contractors & visitors to view. Deliver the benefits of visual risk management to your work sites today.

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Reporting and notifications

Advanced incident reporting allows you to record all incidents or near misses and save them to the cloud for secure storage and analysis. Notify the work site manager of any issues directly through the app. Visitors or workers can send notifications about incidents, near misses or other safety concerns straight to those in charge, instantly. Add images, description, location and timestamps.

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Get to know all your safety management tools

Manage risks

Make your life easier with powerful risk management

Record incidents

Record incidents and near misses without any hassle.

Induction & sign in

Workers induct and sign in on their own phones.

Hazard maps

A picture tells a thousand words, get spatial mapping.

H&S policy

Templated or your own, dropped straight into inductions.

Emergency procedures

Everyone has ready access to vital site emergency info.

Training made easy

Assign to employees, add instructors and schedule training.

Temporary hazards

Warn visitors of any temporary risks when signing-in.

Hazardous Substances

All your chemical MSD records in one place

Worker invitation

Inviting workers or visitors to your site is a breeze.

Go Private

Each site has the ability to be private or searchable.

Instant support

Our team are here to assist when ever you need us.

It's easy to get started

Take control of your safety

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