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Manage risks like a pro

Let our intuitive health & safety hazard register wizard suggest hazards or risks for your work site and draft prevention controls for you.

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Ready to use templates

Select your site type and get bespoke templates.

Smart suggestions

Zero Harm provides you with risk suggestions based on your work site type.

Workers get notified

Workers get notified of any new amendments on their next visit.

Define & assess hazards in a few steps

  • Health & Safety can often be overwhelming & complicated. Because of this Zero Harm reviews your site type and suggests possible hazard or risk types for you. You don't have to be an expert to get your safe work system up and running.

  • Simply choose a hazard or risk template which makes sense, it's easy. Zero Harm also offers risk and hazard suggestions from other industries, which it believes may be useful. You can easily select those which are relevant.

  • Once you've selected the template you're free to assess and modify them to any degree you like. Every step can be customized to your choosing or left in it's default state.

  • Any changes you make will be relayed to all site visitors. Simply update a hazard and they'll be notified when they next sign in. Alternatively, add a temporary hazard which can be set to expire automatically.

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We've done the hard work for you

Select and choose your site type be that a farm, office, construction or general work site. The intuitive Zero Harm application will provide you with pre-templated, industry specific hazards or risks saving you hours of research, compiling or OH&S consultant costs.

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Keep everyone in the loop without effort

Employees, contractors or visitors will be notified if a new hazard is added to the register. Once an amendment is made, Zero Harm will notify everyone when they induct or next sign-in. This kind of scalability is impossible with traditional, paper based systems.

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