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No more paperwork

All inductions are carried out with a few finger taps and saved in the cloud.

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Invite people to induct onto your site or leave it public for anyone to visit.


Only hazards that haven't already been acknowledged before will be shown.


Totally paperless, we store everything in the cloud for you.

Induction and sign-in is dead simple

  • If you know someone is due to visit, simply invite them to make a induction from your phone or tablet using our web-app.

  • Your visitors receives an email from our system and gets redirected to your site profile.

  • The visitor makes the induction and sign-in via the device of their choosing. All site managers then get notified that the induction and sign-in has been successfully completed.

  • Paperless inductions are saved and timestamped in your electronic filing cabinet, accessible and shareable at any time - wherever, whenever.

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The ultimate time saver for you

Invite your visitors by email or leave your site open so inductions can be made without any intervention. Zero Harm knows who and what visitors have seen, providing relevant, direct site information to the visitor. Inductions are timestamped and re-inductions personalised for each user so visitors will only see hazards which they have yet to acknowledge.

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Everything recorded in one place

Saved in the cloud, inductions are stored securely and electronically. Share induction logs and history with any governing body easily. Zero Harm timestamps everything so if a incident occurs you'll know that induction has taken place regardless.

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