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Our Story

The seed for Zero Harm came from two country lads with a desire to assist fellow farmers to counteract the tragically high serious injury and death rates in agriculture. Like many, both of us had personally experienced the terrible devastation of losing a loved one or family friend from an on-farm accident. Over a beer we concluded there were three root-causes why farmers were continuing to find it so incredibly hard to exhibit any real safety culture change.

  • Firstly, paper-based health & safety compliance systems were hugely ineffective.
  • We therefore felt this naturally led to very low levels of safety engagement between farmers, contractors and employees.
  • And lastly, we knew from first hand experience most farm managers didn't really have a clue about how to easily set up an effective health & safety system. It was all just too hard for most people to even get started.

We searched the market place for a digital tool which might make the sharing of vital safety information in agriculture easier but there was no specific application that matched the unique needs of farming's location based hazard management "style". Knowing nothing about app development we naively committed to building a modern, cloud based application to make health & safety in spatially challenged work environments, like farms, easier.

Starting out

With more than just a little good luck we managed to build a small but dedicated team of in-house software developers who hated paper as much as we did. We searched for clever people with a collective vision of workmates and contractors in challenging environments being engaged with on-site safety and it being easy to do so. We scoped a safe work management system which was comprehensive but not cumbersome. We all ate, drunk and slept providing busy farm managers with limited resources and little OH&S knowledge a modern approach to health & safety risk management. It had to be simple, mobile and paperless, that was our mantra.

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The Launch

In February 2016 we attended a farm expo in the lower south island of New Zealand with a minimal viable product and a bag full of enthusiasm. And to our amazement we won the Technology Innovation Award and headed home with 100 people wanting to sign-up! Then the real hard work began...

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Since that date we have had our heads down feverishly building features to make the delivery of Zero Harm's health & safety message to difficult to manage work places a reality.

As word has spread about Zero Harm as a new, innovative solution there has been rapid demand from other spatially challenging industries such as ski resorts, mountain bike parks, short term outdoor events, the renewable-energy sector, remote working trades and the residential building sector who love the stripped back approach Zero Harm takes.

In September 2018 we launched the application in Australia and in October of the same year won the Australian National Ag-Tech Award. We look forward to releasing Zero Harm in other global locations in the near future.

Our Mission

Today our mission continues to be to bring you the very best in web based OH&S safety management across a broad range of industries, built upon our agricultural foundations. We’re driven to maintain the same grass-roots ethos for work site management with a core focus on tricky cross contractor work site relationships.

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Like you, we’re all about management productivity gains, safer workplaces and lowering costs. Through unique innovations like leveraging safety data with insurers and continuing to bring you the simple, mobile and paperless OH&S system you need we aim to make workplace compliance hassles a thing of the past.

The Zero Harm team are striving everyday to make safety “simpler” so we can be a positive agent for everyday workplace safety wins for people who care. Wins for people like you.

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