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Reporting and notifications

Advanced incident reporting allows you to record all incidents or near misses and save them to the cloud for secure storage and analysis.

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Incident reporting

Record serious harm or near miss incidents quickly and easily.


Automatically notifies all managers when a notification is received.


Efficiently solves your legal obligation to record all serious incidents.

Record an incident in a few easy steps

  • The ability for workers to quickly inform managers of an incident or issue is easy via the notify button built into the application.

  • From a PC, mobile, tablet or phone managers can create a new incident report including essential details such as location, people involved and incident photos.

  • All site managers are notified via email and can respond to any new incident, as required. Detail of how to manage the reporting of a serious harm incident is included as part of the work flow.

  • Incident records are safely stored and accessible to site managers anywhere, any time. You can use the information to improve work site safety or as part of a work place incident investigation.

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Improved engagement

Via the notification tool Zero Harm provides your workplace with the ability to easily ensure employees and contractors can have a say on any health & safety matters that could affect them or their workmates.

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