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Insurance Quote: Terms of Service

This website is owned an operated by Zero Harm Farm Ltd which does not hold an FSP licence, nor are they authorised representatives of an FSP holder.

The quoting forms exist in the email you received & on this website to provide information on liability insurance, and to allow quotes to be requested by the general public. These quote requests are then passed on to qualified insurance brokers not employed by Zero Harm Farm Ltd.

Zero Harm Farm Ltd may receive a share of the commission received by the insurance broker if you proceed with any cover. This percentage ranges from 20% to 30% and in some cases may include a share of any trail commission & include broker fees. Whenever referral fees or commissions are paid to Zero Harm Farm Ltd your insurance broker must disclose these amounts to you in writing.

Zero Harm Farm Ltd is not licensed or authorised to deal in financial products, and therefore any information contained on this website on in the email you received is strictly general advice and in no way takes into account your personal needs and objectives.

You should not act upon any information contained within this website or email without first seeking professional advice.

Whilst we seek to work only with reputable professionals, we cannot recommend or endorse any person that we refer your details to, nor can we guarantee that they are suitably licensed, qualified, suitable or even able to meet your needs.

You must do your own research not only on the information listed on this website, but also on the suitability of any insurance broker that we refer your details to.

Zero Harm Farm Ltd will be in no way responsible for any losses you may incur as a result of the insurance broker that we refer your details to.

By submitting an online quote request via this website you are authorising us to pass your details on to a third party and agree to these terms and conditions.

Unlimited free use of the Zero Harm platform relates to the features of core product & will be provided for the term of the paid up insurance policy provided by Insure 247 Ltd purchased by any customer.

The Zero Harm platform is also offered FREE for a term of 12 months for any customers who the Insure 247 team quoted for but couldn't offer a saving over your current liability insurance premium. Conditions are;

  • You need to provide documented proof of a lower insurance quote.
  • You must allow the Insure 247 team the opportunity to better any quoted premium provided.
  • You need to be renewing your liability insurance policy on a need now basis. i.e. your policy is due for renewal within the next 7 days .

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